Pair-Coaching Roles Domino Game | Vic Bonacci | Scrum Day OC ’15

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Pair-coaching Roles Domino Game led by Vic Bonacci (@agilecoffee) at Scrum Day Orange County 2015 (#SDOC2015)

By paircoaching, ScrumMasters can increase their agile competencies and create positive change on their teams and throughout the organization. This domino game led by Victor Bonacci examines pair-coaching roles and identifies competency areas for Scrum Masters. Mentoring, collaboration and coaching patterns are explored within this agile game by role-playing with a partner.

The Pair-Coaching Roles Domino Game was part of a presentation by Victor Bonacci at Scrum Day Orange County 2015.

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Original description for the event program:
No matter how good we are, we still can’t learn or do everything on our own. Whether you’re a Scrum Master, product owner or other member in an Agile workplace, you should consider using pair-coaching to raise your skill level, create positive change on your teams and improve relationships throughout the organization.

In this workshop we will examine a few pair-coaching roles, identify competency areas for Scrum Masters, and use dominos to demonstrate how two heads really can be better than one.

Both companion downloads are available:
Scrummaster Competencies Assessment (pdf) is at
Pair-coaching Roles (pdf) is at

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Pair-coaching Roles Domino Game | Vic Bonacci | Scrum Day OC ’15