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Learn Scrum, Agile estimating and planning, Agile team dynamics, planning poker and more from Innovel.

Our latest Certified Scrummaster and Certified Product Owner public courses are listed at http://www.scrumtraining.com We have regular CSM and CSPO courses scheduled for Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver. We provide training anywhere in Canada, USA, and Europe. Contact us for a quote.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

This 2-day course is focused on training project leaders to become Certified Scrum Masters and is sanctioned by the Scrum Alliance. The Innovel Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course is dynamic, challenging, and provides an in-depth look at Scrum. It starts with the fundamentals of Scrum and quickly moves into project planning, estimation, and how you develop high-performing teams. The principles, practices, and values of Scrum are reinforced thru interactive exercises that will leave you with a training experience like no other. Just hear what past Innovel CSMs had to say:

“I wish my CIO was attending this course. It was great!”
“I feel prepared to be a ScrumMaster within my organization. I really appreciate the great training.”
“The Innovel CSM course was dynamic and interactive. It was great going thru the training with my team – best training experience I have ever had.”

Certified Product Owner Training: From Idea to Implementation

This 2-day Product Owner course provides a comprehensive look at the role of Product Owner. It provides a review of key Agile practices related to delivering the maximum business value with Agile teams. Through interactive discussion, exercises, and case study we will provide Product Owners with key skills around taking a business case, identifying elements of value creation, and turning them into a release plan that Agile teams can execute against.

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Scrum Team Training- This 1 or 2-day course is designed for new teams adopting Agile, with a focus on Scrum. The course is highly interactive, fun, and sometimes challenging. Students will be introduced to new terminology, thought patterns, and practices thru multiple team exercises and interactive discussion. Team members, managers, and project support staff learn what Scrum, Agile and Lean are, and how to use these concepts and practices on a day-to-day basis when delivering a project. This is a great way to start your Scrum project.

The Lean and Agile Manager – Managing in an Agile Organization – This customized executive training is designed to provide an overview of Agile, Lean, and the new role of leadership in a Lean and Agile organization. The course addresses the “what do I do now?” question that vexes many managers transitioning to Agile product delivery. Case studies are used to explore how high-performing teams develop and how an organization’s leadership can best support this transition.