First Open-Source Agile Planner In Eclipse, By And For Agile Teams

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
Find Out Now.

Enalean and Obeo are proud to announce the availability of Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse. The objective of the talk, in addition to present the first EPL Agile Planner integrated in eclipse, is to present a return on experience on how 3 companies worked together in an Agile way, within an Agile business, to provide a 100% libre and open source solution within the Eclipse ecosystem. The talks will be animated by Laurent & Laurent from Obeo and Enalean, followed by a demo and plays with the tools.

After the talk attendees will know:
– How to install the Tuleap Agile Planner from the Eclipse market place and how to use it
– How to set it up for Scrum directly from Eclipse
– How to taylor it to fit their actual agile process, Scrum may not be the one truth.
– How Tuleap open ALM can help to manage their development following an agile process

We also hope this successful experience will encourage others to try agile-based business to the benefit of all, suppliers, provider, as well as the Eclipse community.


– Mylyn Discovery UI

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