Collaborative Design In Agile Teams – JIRA Agile Webinar

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Our host Dean Hudson responds to his top picks from the Q&A section. Check out their answers, and read the blog:

Many software teams struggle to effectively integrate design into their agile process. Designers who don’t work closely with the rest of their team tend to generate extra work for everyone (including themselves), and can create harmful silos of knowledge within the product team.

At Atlassian we work in a collaborative manner that incorporates the entire agile team in the design process. By ensuring that everyone is engaged in the design process we gain multiple perspectives on a problem and don’t rely on documentation to share ideas. This webinar will explore this collaborative process and the tools and techniques we use to design great products, including how to:

1. Involve the entire team in the design process
2. Integrate design into the agile process
3. Gain customer insights for faster testing and ideation

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