Value Stream Mapping In Software Development

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Value Stream Mapping and the Seven Wastes of Software Development

“Water-scrum-fall just wasn’t working for me. Something was fundamentally wrong. I couldn’t quite figure out what – or how to fix it – until I found Value Stream Mapping. This was only the beginning.

Explore the seven wastes of software development and how to apply Value Stream Mapping to software development. Learn where I went wrong, and tips for running your own mapping workshops.

If you are a people manager, project manager, scrum master or product owner this session will help you see where the bottlenecks REALLY are.”

Recorded live at the Lean Agile System Thinking LAST Conference 2017. The microphone was not well placed and crackles in a few places however the audio is clear enough to hear the session.

This session was heavily inspired by the work of Karen Martin, I highly recommend checking out her content.

The Value Stream Map workshop example was published on a Microsoft case study of Unit4 which you can read about here: