Valdis Iljuconoks “Lean Development with TFServices”

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Almost 14 years in IT industry. Software architect, with focus on technical solution research, new technologies analysis and technical problem solution research. Planning implementation and design, code review, system performance design and measurement, system audit, system feature improvements. Oh, and I’m also a Microsoft C# MVP.

Lean Development with TFServices
If you are not willing to invest lot of money in the infrastructure that you need to monitor and take care of holding Team Foundation Server installations on-premises, Team Foundation Services is the way to go.

In this presentation we will take a look at TFServices offering, features and possibilities how to engage full potential of cloud based collaboration platform made by Microsoft.

We will take a look at project planning features found in TFServices. Team definition, project and sprint iteration planning possibilities, Scrum-like product backlog listing and agile planning boards are just a few new features available in new TFServices.

Session will give you deeper understanding of what could be gain by using cloud based team collaboration platform — Team Foundation Services.