Using Test Automation To Address Agile Testing Challenges: Impetus Webinar

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Impetus webcast ‘Using Test Automation to Address Agile Testing Challenges’ available at

• 1. Using Test Automation to Address Agile Testing Challenges Recorded version available at
• 2. Outline- Principles of agile- Challenges in agile testing- How test automation helps?- Deriving benefits from test automation- Real world example Recorded version available at
• 3. Principles of Agile- Frequent delivery/deployment- Collaboration with all the stakeholders- Progress measured by working software Recorded version available at
• 4. Challenges in Agile Testing T echnical T eam T esterInformation Status Speed Recorded version available at
• 5. Challenges of Information, Status & Speed – Lack of detailed user stories/requirements – Constantly changing requirements – Less time to prepare tests – Re-factoring of code – Asynchronously running multiple tests – Functional/ Non-functional Test Automation helps resolve pertinent Agile testing problems and ensures successful Agile testing! Recorded version available at
• 6. How Test Automation Helps?- Improves the productivity and speed in sprints- Enhances teams’ efficiency and confidence- Higher RoI- Provides information, feedback and visibility Test Automation complements Agile Development
• 7. Adopting Test Automation in Agile Projects
• 8. Adopting Test Automation in Agile Projects Recorded version available at
• 16. Real-world ExamplesThe Client – Leading player in online content deliveryKey Challenge – Develop a product that delivers content online while maintaining data isolation between various tenants – Integrates third party utilities and payment gateway – Geographically distributed teams working on the same product – Nightly builds to test Recorded version available at
• 17. Our Recommended Approach Recorded version available at
• 18. Our Recommended Approach – Unit Testing- Testing team initially used JunitDoclet to generate shells for unit test cases automatically- Development team populated unit tests- Testing team refactored unit tests using TestNG Recorded version available at
• 19. Our Recommended Approach- Functional Testing- Selenium-based framework used for functional and regression testing- Guides to apply best practices for automation testing needs- Maximizes ROI Recorded version available at
• 20. Our Recommended Approach Non Function Testing- SOAP UI covered non-functional requirements Recorded version available at
• 21. Our Recommended Approach- Continuous Integration- Hudson for continuous integration of nightly builds Recorded version available at
• 22. Our Recommended Approach – Reporting- Sonar to manage code quality Recorded version available at
• 23. Our Key Learning- Validation through iteration demos, POCs, Developer TDD, static code analysis, dynamic code analysis..- End-to-end automation and continuous integration helped in getting quicker and reliable delivery- Pair programming and pair testing for collaboration between geographically distributed team- Using open source tools to address asynchronous tests- Determining current quality status through automation storyboard Recorded version available at
• 24. Impetus Technologies We offer innovative product engineering and technology R&D services Recorded version available at