The 3 Pillars Approach To Agile Testing Strategy – EuroSTAR – Bob Galen & Mary Thorn

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Far too often agile adoptions focus just on the development teams, agile frameworks, or technical practices as a part of their adoption strategies. And then there’s the near perpetual focus on tooling or developing test automation without striking a balanced approach. Often the testing activity and the testing teams are “left behind” in agile strategy development or worse yet, they’re simply “along for the ride”. That is not an effective transformation strategy.

Join experienced agile coaches Bob Galen and Mary Thorn as they share the Three Pillars framework for establishing a balanced strategic plan for effective quality and testing. The Three Pillars focus on development and test automation, testing practices, and collaboration activities that will ensure you have a balanced approach to agile testing. Specifically, risk-based testing, exploratory testing, paired collaboration around agile requirements, agile test design, and TDD-BDD-Functional testing automation will be explored as tactic within a balanced Three Pillars framework. You will leave with the tools to immediately initiate or re-tool a much more effective and balanced agile testing strategy.

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