Test-Driven Infrastructure Development – PuppetConf 2013

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Continuous deployment of puppet code feels like a holy grail; naive approaches are a minefield for stability. Code that works on existing machines but doesn’t work on newly provisioned machines is easy to write. Whilst there are tools like puppet-rspec to help with testing your code, they don’t help with system level tests. One way to solve this problem is to build an infrastructure and run end to end tests against it. This talk will cover the approach my team has taken to this; defined by the development cycle we wanted – test driven development, fast feedback and confidence in the repeatability of builds with an automated and continuous deployment pipeline to take changes from the first push through to production.

Tomas Doran
Senior Systems Administrator, TIM Group
Tomas currently works as senior sysadmin at TIM Group, developing application and infrastructure automation solutions. Tom came to the dark side of systems & devops after being a professional perl developer for many years, and having worked in other varied fields such as security, QA and management. He’s an avid open source coder and core maintainer of the Catalyst and Plack projects as well as having over 100 CPAN modules and 200 github projects. He speaks regularly at technical conferences on a number of topics between development, architecture, automation, security and systems administration.