Test Driven Development With Java EE 7, Arquillian And Enterprise Containers – Peter Pilgrim

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In this session, we introduce the Java developer to the Arquillian framework, Gradle and the Enterprise container technologies in Java EE 7. As a lucrative bonus we will cover building EJB and Java EE 7 tests applications with Gradle, the latest and greatest build framework for the Java platform, which improves on Apache Maven. The Java EE specification full contains three different containers, namely the Web, the EJB and the CDI containers. All of them can be reached using the Arquillian Framework, and this means there is now one general testing framework, which developers should learn as part of their professional duties. The session will cover writing meaningful tests for CDI, EJB and JPA. Along the way, we will introduce new features of EJB 3.2, CDI 1.1 and JPA 2.1.

Peter Pilgrim