Software Testing Training | Scaling Agile Testing Using The TMMi

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Software Testing Training | Scaling Agile Testing Using the TMMi

Agile methods, principles and techniques are core to how many IT organizations develop and maintain software. However, even though techniques like Test-Driven Development and scrum are widely practiced, one common complaint is that it is difficult to scale these practices. In large projects and programs, this is code for “testing gets squeezed as though it were 1999.”

Scaling Agile, in general, and Agile testing, specifically, requires having a framework to help teams, stakeholders and program managers to identify what is needed to deliver quality and value.

The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is a framework for effective testing in an Agile environment. The TMMi is not prescriptive; rather, the model is outcome-focused. Using such a framework to scale helps teams and organizations to make decisions that ensure that testing is not only cost efficient but also effective.

The webinar will outline the TMMi and provide a process for using environmental, technical and project context to effectively integrate testing into an Agile development environment, measuring the effectiveness of the process.