Software Testing Training | Integrating Automated Testing Into DevOps

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Software Testing Training | Integrating Automated Testing into DevOps
In many organizations, agile development processes are driving the pursuit of faster software releases, which has spawned a set of new practices called DevOps. DevOps stresses communications and integration between development, testing, and operations, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and rapid deployments. Because DevOps practices require confidence that changes made to the code base will function as expected, testing is an essential ingredient but is often not done right. Join Jeffery Payne as he discusses the unique challenges associated with integrating testing and automation into continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) environments. Learn the internals of how CI/CD works, appropriate test tooling, and test integration points. Find out how to integrate your existing test automation frameworks into a DevOps environment and leave with roadmap for how testers can get involved in the DevOps process.