Software Testing Training: Disciplined Agile Test Design

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The fast pace and iterative nature of agile projects sometimes have a negative impact on the quality of testing and thoroughness of testing. Most testing is typically done in an ad hoc and exploratory manner. In fact, in most agile projects, the process of “designing” tests does not even exist. The result is always much lower test coverage.

No one can argue that the quality of a release is only as good as the quality of the tests being executed on the release. Agile teams need to realize that testing must be done in a very structured and disciplined manner.

This webinar deals with the time constraints imposed by the agile development methods through a test design and test execution process that guarantees the highest level of both requirement coverage and code coverage.

Dr. Hanna will provide an overview of the phases of the Agile Test Process and the Agile Risk-Based Testing model.

Topics to be covered include:

Characterizing Agile
The goals of Agile Testing
Agile Test Planning
Agile Test Design
Agile Test Execution
Agile Risk Analysis

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