Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed For You || Test Driven Development Basics

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Software Automation Testing Secrets revealed for you –
Check this video if you wish to be a AUTOMATION TEST EXPERT – We will cover following Automation Approach/ Techniques in this video
* Record and playback
* Linear scripting
* Modular scripting
* Data-driven testing
* Keyword-driven testing

1) Learn Performance Test, Load Test, Stress Test, Endurance Test basics in just 20 min ||

2) Master performance testing with Jmeter in 15 min || Learn Automated Performance Testing ||

3) Learn Exploratory testing technique in software testing ||

4) Learn Software Test Management – How What and Why ||

5) Learn all about LEAN Methodlogies ||

6) Continuous Integration – How What and Why ||

7) Learn how to be a mind mapping expert ||

8) What is Software Testing and Quality Assurance || Learn it in 3 minutes ||

9) Learn Agile Automation Best Practices & Automation Framework with Examples ||

10) How to perform Continuous Testing in Agile ||

11) ISTQB exam preparation || How to clear ISTQB Certification in First Attempt ||

12) Learn all about Agile Test Strategy ||

13) How to get a your Dream Job || Top 10 tips for job seekers ||

14) Jira tool tutorial for beginners || defect life cycle in software testing with example ||

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