Smart Mirror Ep4 – Test Driven Development And Mocking In Universal Windows Apps

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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In the fourth episode of Coding with Amadeus we talk about the test driven development (TDD). We explore how to do it when writing a Universal Windows App, and how to mock without any mocking frameworks available.

0:09 – TDD in brief and why should you embrace it
0:41 – How a unit test works
1:59 – Mocking
3:00 – Adding a test project for Universal Windows App
4:10 – Using InternalsVisibleTo attribute
5:13 – Running the first test + Windows dev fail
6:00 – How to fix a strange exception
7:04 – Overcoming “Changes are not allowed” with Alive
9:10 – Writing the first unit test
10:50 – Creating a mock class
13:56 – Writing the second unit test
14:23 – Running tests and checking why they failed
15:05 – Writing the third test case
17:27 – Recap. TDD and writing custom mock.