PMI – ACP Topic | Test Driven Development (TDD) – Communicating The Intent Of Software!

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This a short video on an XP topic Test Driven Development- TDD. This topic is covered in details in PMI-ACP Training Sessions.

It is a 5 step process

– Think
– Red bar
– Green bar
– Refactor
– Repeat

We repeat this entire suite at least 20 times in an hour.

These steps are actually thinking or communicating the intent of the software while writing a test and again we are communicating the intent while writing the real code
We control the code script- your focus is always bounded by the expected behaviour of the software

TDD helps us achieve a loose coupling!

Watch this video for detailed learning of the exact concept of Test Driven Development. You can also Join our PMI-ACP Test Preparation Program for Detailed coverage of the topic .

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