OW2con’16 SeedStack – The Lean Development Stack

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
Find Out Now.

SeedStack is an enterprise application development environment designed for Open Source and using worldwide standards.
SeedStack is a high productivity end-to-end tool that encompasses all the application layers: business, persistence, security, Application Program Interface connection, web-friendly interfaces with ready to use open source standard components.

SeedStack boosts development efficiency and removes trouble and complexity of installation, by providing a ready-to-use modular environment of well-chosen components, Convention-over-Configuration, sensible defaults and opinionated APIs. Developers can then focus on their core activity: business code. Open-source software and agile development approach transform application development experience to deliver innovative business products.

SeedStack integrates standard components and provides its own high-value technologies. The result is a full-stack open environment suitable for rapid application development. While the highly modular Java framework may be compared to Spring, the choice of the technologies is more opinionated and less coupled; the web framework combines two User Interface mainstream technologies, Google AngularJs and Twitter Bootstrap. The main piece of the stack is the Business Framework which focuses on the importance of the investment and reusability of the business domain. SeedStack can be used in a large spectrum of platforms, from Cloud to command-line or common enterprise application servers.

SeedStack is used in numerous production environments in domains as manufacturing, retail, enterprise administration, human resources, trade, connected vehicle, research and development. It is reliable and highly scalable.