O’Reilly Webcast: TDD Web Development from Scratch with Python

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
Find Out Now.

In this hands-on webcast presented by Harry Percival author of Test-Driven Development with Python, you will learn:

How to use TDD to build a web application from the ground up
Full functional testing using the Selenium browser automation tool
Unit tests for all aspects of Django:

Who should attend this event: This live webcast is suitable for relative beginners, you should know basic Python, but if you’ve never used TDD or Django you should be fine.

About Harry Percival

After an idyllic childhood spent playing with BASIC on French 8-bit computers like the Thomson T-07 whose keys go “boop” when you press them, Harry spent a few years being deeply unhappy with Economics and management consultancy. Soon he rediscovered his true geek nature, and was lucky enough to fall in with a bunch of XP fanatics, working on the pioneering but sadly defunct Resolver One spreadsheet. He now works at PythonAnywhere LLP, and spreads the gospel of TDD world-wide at talks, workshops and conferences, with all the passion and enthusiasm of a recent convert.