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Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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The AgilePM Foundation is a widely recognised, advanced certificate for project managers working in Agile environments. The methodology belongs to the DSDM Consortium, and the certification and exam is administered by APMG. The exam is online, and you can take it from home or work, everywhere in the world. The exam price is included in this bundle, and you have a one-year window to take the exam after your purchase this product. You will have a one-year access to the eLearning course as well.

This program doesn’t have any prerequisites.

This eLearning course is equal to a 3 day classroom course. It’s consisted of about 10 hours of video training, 3 educational games (each in two levels), and sample questions.

The first 30% of the elearning course is free. You can start the course right now, even without registration, and purchase the product when you’re sure that it’s what you’ve been looking for.

AgilePM Links
AgilePM Awareness course: http://mplaza.pm/agile-dsdm-simple-introduction/
AgilePM Course: http://mplaza.pm/product/agilepm-foundation-elearning-course-exam-bundle/

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AgilePM 07: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-communication/
AgilePM 08: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-business-need/
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AgilePM 11: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-the-process/
AgilePM 12: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-configuring-process/
AgilePM 13: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-roles-responsibilities/
AgilePM 14: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-products-documents/
AgilePM 15: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-facilitated-workshops/
AgilePM 16: http://mplaza.pm/agilepm-planning/