Integrate Test Activities In Agile Projects – EuroSTAR – Rik Marselis

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n traditional testing a tester spreads the testing activities over various phases. To be able to effectively test in Agile projects the test activities should be properly integrated in the Agile approach.

Leo van der Aalst and Rik Marselis published an EuroSTAR eBook on this topic.

They start with a vision on Agile testing and, based on that, describe how to effectively integrate test activities in the Scrum approach.

In this webinar Rik will go into subjects like “Does the Agile Manifesto have good footholds for testing?”, “What is the role of the Product Owner and the Scrum Master”, “Which team member(s) perform(s) the testing activities and when?”, “How to deal with the test strategy?”, “Do we still distinguish test levels” and “how to go about with end-to-end testing?”.

Very important is the automation of testing activities, not just of the execution but also the specification of test cases.

During the webinar Rik demonstrates that the knowledge and expertise of the well-known test methodology TMap is a very solid basis for integrating test activities in Scrum events of an Agile project. Also Rik will mention the link with ISTQB based on the new Agile Extension and the collaboration across the application lifecycle as advocated by DevOps.

Key Takeaways:
1. Be adaptive
2. Use a risk-based approach
3. Testing activities must be automated as much as possible