Grindr Tech Talk: iOS Development with Test Driven Development

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In case you missed our last meet up, Lukas Sliwka, Grindr’s VP of Engineering, discussed architecture strategies being employed to ensure high availability and scalability of the Grindr 8 million+ user platform.

This month, Lukas and the Grindr iOS Team will be focusing on: Implementing Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and code metrics when building mobile iOS applications.

What you will learn:

1) How to implement Unit Testing in Xcode using IOC Container – iOS Development Team will be going into code level giving an overview of dependency injection mechanism facilitated by Typhoon container. In addition, they will do a code walk through unit tests employing the IOC mechanism.

2) How to cleanly manage dependencies in Xcode – iOS Development Team will showcase and discuss the usage and configuration of CocoaPods dependency management framework.

3) How to setup Continuous Integration environment enforcing Xcode code quality metrics – Release Management team will discuss and present Grindr’s Xcode Jenkins build pipeline with its continuous integration and code quality metrics.

About the Presenter:

Grindr’s VP of Engineering, Lukas Sliwka is a thirty-something technologist who’s lived and worked in many different places around the world including Europe, Canada, and both coasts of the US. Lukas has a background in software engineering, agile methodologies, and agile transformation. He loves the disruptive nature of technology and seeks any opportunity to change the status quo. He recently joined Grindr to further its geo-social mobile platform and how it impacts the dating world. Lukas has also held key roles at Beachbody, Yamaha, and Mazda.