Global, Distributed And Agile: Winning Strategies For Efficient Application Development

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Agile Business Webcast Series –
Continued cost pressures and IT skills shortages result in software development teams becoming increasingly distributed, global and fickle. At the same time, stakeholders (including IT and business, customers and partners) need to collaborate closer than ever, to deliver rapid and iterative product releases. With agile methodologies (like scrum, lean) traditionally calling for co-location – how do you succeed in today’s fast-changing and distributed environments?

Attend this live webinar to hear the winning strategies for efficient application development in global and distributed environments. Learn how to adapt agile methodologies to include key stakeholders, across geographical and organizational boundaries. Understand the importance of governance and collaboration, and see practical examples how solutions for social application life cycle management (ALM) drive transparency, compliance and efficiency.
Join this Webcast to learn:

* The top pitfalls of distributed agile development – and how to overcome them.
* Best practices from leading practitioners in agile development, and real-life case studies.
* Practical examples how to improve governance and collaboration, using social application life cycle management (ALM).