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Our class on Enterprise Agile Development with Scrum provides an extremely practical, hands-on introduction to the Scrum process. Unlike certification classes that focus on one role, this class is designed for audiences that contain all roles: Developers, QA Engineers, Project Managers, Product Managers, and anyone else who needs to know how a Scrum process works at the practical level. Also unlike certification, the class focuses on the practical details of the Scrum process and its practices.

This class has two objectives. The first is to teach the students how to plan and execute projects with a Scrum process. We cover all of the Scrum practices in detail, with exercises for each, then conduct a five-hour sample Scrum project from beginning to end to make the experience as real and concrete as possible.

The second objective is to teach students how to capture requirements and plan implementations involving long time scales and multiple teams.

Students learn how to write requirements, how to estimate them with Planning Poker, and how to break them into tasks. They also learn how to create Sprint Backlogs, how to collaborate effectively on development work, and how to track progress with burdown and burn-up charts. They learn the five cycles of planning, including Product Visions and Roadmaps, as well as Release and Sprint planning. Finally, they also learn how to plan and synchronize the work of multiple teams on large, complex projects.

Students benefit from the focus on practicality, because they learn the concrete practices of real-world Scrum projects. The frequent discussion periods provide ample time to address students’ specific needs, and issues that arise in their particular organizations.

Enterprise Agile Development with Scrum is the class to take for anyone who wants to know how Scrum is really done.

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Kevin Thompson – a senior agile trainer and consultant for cPrime.

Kevin Thompson’s professional background starts with a Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University. After several years of research in space science and computational fluid dynamics for NASA, he migrated to the role of commercial software developer for a variety of companies. Over time, he moved up to technical lead, part-time project manager, and then full-time manager for software projects. Along the way, he discovered that Scrum worked much better than waterfall methods for the software and data-warehouse projects that he managed. So he decided to focus on agile processes, and obtained Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, and Project Management Professional certifications.

At cPrime, he develops educational materials for agile processes such as Scrum and Kanban, and conducts training in these areas. He also works “in the trenches” with our clients, to guide them through successful adoption of the agile processes.

To learn more about Kevin Thompson please visit or contact us at learn@cprime.com.