CA Agile Requirements Designer: Ace Your App Through Optimized Testing

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Want to test with greater speed and quality? With CA Agile Requirements Designer, you’ll enjoy greater coverage, automation, and repeatable test execution. Requirements are clear so you get maximum results with the minimum number of tests. For more, visit:

Here’s a test.

How can you create high quality apps that deliver a great user experience?

With the exact level of testing you need…

And crystal-clear test cases right from the requirements phase?

Answer: CA Agile Requirements Designer—the automated, test case design and optimization solution that does all of the above.

Now you can test at the speed you need to deliver superior quality and save tons of time and money, each and every time.

Because with CA Agile Requirements Designer, you’ll enjoy greater test coverage, automated test case generation and repeatable test execution for your key software assets.

Every time your code changes (and it will), you can test it automatically across the entire promotion path.

While identifying the impact of the change, automatically repairing test cases and generating the tests you need to re-test the app…in minutes.

CA Agile Requirements Designer makes requirements definition clear and simple.

And automatically creates the minimum number of test cases to generate maximum results.

So if you’d like to get 100% test coverage in minutes, shorten your test cycles by up to 30% and increase your app quality by a factor of wow…

Choose CA Agile Requirements Designer.

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