BDD and Beyond: Automating Acceptance Criteria with Style

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Test-driven development is a game changer for developers, but behavior-driven development (BDD) is a game changer for the whole team. More than just a testing technique, BDD is both a collaboration and a verification tool—and a vital step on the road to continuous delivery. In this session, you will see BDD techniques applied to a real project with JBehave, Selenium 2, Thucydides, and more. Learn how to write better and more maintainable automated acceptance tests, and see how a well-designed set of automated acceptance criteria can also be a powerful documentation and reporting tool. And learn how product owners use BDD and Thucydides to drive, coordinate, and document releases.

John Ferguson Smart
John is a well-regarded consultant, coach, and trainer in technical agile practices. A prominent international figure in the domain of behaviour driven development, automated testing, developer best practices, continuous integration and delivery, and software life cycle development optimisation in general, John helps organisations around the world to improve their agile development practices and to optimise their Java development processes and infrastructures. A renowned speaker at many international conferences and events, John is the author of the popular Java Power Tools and Jenkins: The Definitive Guide , both published by O’Reilly, as well as BDD in Action , published by Manning.
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