Alex Schwartz: Agile Testing Principles – Low, Early, All The Time And All Of Us

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Decisions making regarding your (Agile) test strategy can be quite non-trivial. There are some principles that can guide you, that maybe help to make consious decisions:
1. Low = Imagine you play tetris with your test aspects, every aspect is automated as low as possible with respect to the architecture, building the nice famous testing pyramid.
2. Early = Establish all Quality Assurance apsects and practices early in the progress.
3. All the time = Aim for Continous Quality to keep the Quality Debt low over time, and to stay all the time close to the desired quality level.
4. All of us = Rather than having a few prople that are responsible for testing or Quality, ensure it’s everyones responsibility — and increase the test (automation) and QA capabilities in the team by increasing the “T-shape”iness of the team mates.

Read the transcript to Alexander’s talk here: