Agile Tester: Change of mind-set

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Smita Mishra, CEO and Chief Test Consultant at QAzone Infosystems, a software testing organization. She is a test professional who has spent over 14 years practicing testing and leading test efforts of varying sizes, cutting across all key domains and technologies. In this video, Smita talks about “Agile Tester: Change of mind-set”.

How you think defines how you act. Agile is more of a people practice than huge technical methodology.

In a traditional setup with waterfall methodology where each phase of the projects are serially aligned and more often than not take longer, testing is slow paced and quite reactionary. When moving to an agile setup, it requires a paradigm shift in the mind-set.
It is important to open our minds towards not only learning more technical but also soft skills and inspire our teams to do so too. Moving from competition to collaboration (with developers), moving from mere bug finding to bug investigation, moving to exploratory testing.
Emphasis is laid on team members and interactions instead of processes and tools. The idea is to encourage testers to think more about Agile as mentioned in Agile Manifesto than getting blindly into agile projects.

Watch the video to know more about Agile Tester: Change of mind-set.