Agile Management With RealtimeBoard

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
Find Out Now.

How do teams collaborate on the agile boards if they are located remotely? They use RealtimeBoard — online collaborative whiteboard that solves all the obstacles of everyday agile experience. RealtimeBoard suits any step of the agile workflow: from ideation to research.

This video will show you how to create your User Story Map, keep track of your progress on a task board and analyze success and failures in a retrospective session in RealtimeBoard. You will learn how to add as many sticky notes as you need, group them like on a real whiteboard and add structure them with tags to set priority. You will also learn how to comment on stickers, mention your teammates and never lose messages addressed to you.

To give this demo a bit more context, we imagined that we were building a mobile bank application.

We uploaded research results to Google Drive and started by adding survey results to our board, so we could always give them another look. To outline a space on the endless board for survey results and other useful documents, we created some frames.

We put all of the customer preferences together in one file so we could can quickly add them to the board as stickers by simply copying and pasting cells from the spreadsheet. Each of these stickers corresponded to a feature that could be added to our app.

After that we grouped them basing on users’ activities and tasks, and also added color coding to visually separate these groups.

We prioritized the various features marking the sticky notes with colored tags.

After we’d estimated each feature from the business impact perspective, we moved on to sizing the effort. We shared the board with our CTO and he helped with that.

When our user story map was ready, and we moved on to managing the development process in RealtimeBoard and created a task board.

Having all that data and the communication around it on the Kanban board really helps keep track of the project and resources in an easy and visual way.

When the first release version was ready to be shipped, we moved to analyzing the root causes of success and failures — this exercise is commonly known as the retrospective.

After watching this video you should be able to manage your entire project in RealtimeBoard — from start to finish, or just use it to fix some specific bottlenecks in your workflow. Create a new board and give it a shot! Invite your remote team members and easily collaborate with them on one board. See the big picture — achieve big goals with RealtimeBoard.