Agile Gurgaon 2016 | Utpal Chakraborty | Agile & Lean Movie Making

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
Find Out Now.

Movie making is a costly affair involves risks and uncertainties. An Agile approach of incremental movie making makes it more predictable and risk resilience.

Up to 20% of the overall Budget of the movie can be saved by effective use of Agile & Lean techniques.

Using Agile Practices in Movie making can take you to your destination in a systematic way. Experimenting, Prototyping, Shared Learning & Using Effective Tools makes Movie making process fast, more predictable and cost effective. The Team (Cast & Crew) sharing responsibility for delivering the completed movie production with Director’s vision rather than having Producers and Directors driving the entire project. Key takeaways from this session – audience will come to know how Agile Techniques can be used not only in IT Industry but also fields like Movie Making/ Movie Production.