Agile Development For Digital Agencies Panel By Smashing Ideas – SIC2012

Is there a way to shave years off of the trial and error implementing Agile?
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Agile Development Panel

Victor Allen, CTO at Smashing Ideas (Moderator)
Randi Rosenkranz, Vice President Digital Development, Random House
Tom Fox-Cellars, Program Manager, Razorfish
Lori DeBortoli, , Weiden + Kennedy
Charlie Wilke, Director of Digital Production of Mattel

Agile Development for Digital Agencies Panel

Mobile computing has erased the distinction between the development of marketing and products. Marketing departments are releasing cross-platform applications. Products are being retooled from applications to web apps. Ubiquitous mobile computing and social networks have dramatically increased the complexity and user expectations for tools they use. As digital agencies produce more sophisticated web and mobile applications, they and their clients must meet the needs of full-on product development. Agile development is a proven approach to developing software products, but implementing agile methods in digital agencies presents unique challenges. Hear how these companies are coming to grips with new ways of planning, executing and supporting projects.