Agile And Lean Beyond Software Development Projects By Dr. Mohamed Salama

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Historically, the application of Lean and Agile concepts in the context of managing projects has been associated with the software development projects at large. However, it has been realised, in recent years, that there is a growing interest in extending the proven to be an effective set of tools and techniques to other sectors beyond the software development sector. In this presentation, the aim is discuss the emerging trends within the Lean and Agile practice in the context of project management in a number of disciplines that includes but not limited to; event management; renovation and refurbishment projects; new product development and new service development projects, infra-structure projects, construction, etc… The presentation will reflect on the findings of recent research conducted by the strategic project management research group at Heriot Watt University- Dubai Campus, led by the speaker. In addition, the presentation will tap on the application of the Lean and Agile concepts in change management within various sectors. Finally, this presentation aims to set up the scene for further discussion through the scheduled discussion panel that will follow; with the prime objective to identify means and methods to narrow the perceived gap between academia and practice within the Lean and Agile methodology as applied to projects in carious sectors.