Adoption of Lean/ Kanban Principles – Part 2

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David, the “father of Software Kanban” shared some great yet simple insights on managing software projects and teams effectively — and provided everyone an effective way to use Kanban for Lean/ Agile software development and services delivery! We had some great questions from the audience which made the session highly informative.

Kanban is making waves in not only in Software Development, Maintenance and IT operations but also in Business Functions such as HR, Sales, Marketing, Insurance, Banking and more! In the Indian industry, it has great relevance not only for IT services and BPO but also the corporate segment, government and public services. We hope you will join us in the growing Kanban momentum! You can do that with the following —

1. As we announced during the seminar, we want to support and catalyze the adoption of Kanban and we are thrilled to start and sponsor Limited WIP Society — India chapter for the purpose of continuing the Lean/ Kanban discussions in Bangalore and elsewhere around the country. Please join the community and join your peers to continue the learning and sharing!

Separately, we encourage you to check out The Limited WIP Society is the home of the global community embracing Kanban for software development. “Limited WIP” refers to limiting the amount of work in progress — a core practice in lean pull systems such as kanban.

2. You can download the presentation slides that David used here. We will send you a link to the video recording of the seminar as soon as it becomes available.

3. To get started with Kanban, you can also Sign-Up for a free 30 day trial of Swift-Kanban here. If you have any questions or would like to evaluate how Kanban can help your organization you can get in touch with us at [email protected] or visit our website